My First Book of Zombies

zombie cover

Parents spend countless hours reading terribly boring, long and pointless books to their kids.  Of course, parents want to stimulate the young, impressionable minds of the ones they love the most, but must it be so painful?  Not anymore.

Enter “My First Book of Zombies.”  The premise: Zombie Survival Guide for Kids.  Zombies are a part of popular culture that continue to stand the test of time.  The written works of Robert Kirkman and Max Brooks have been extremely successful in their own right while the accompanying television shows and movies continue to exceed expectations.  Meanwhile, a search of Amazon for “zombie children’s book” yields few results and nothing for children birth to 6.

Kids books love focusing on trucks, foods, princesses, construction vehicles and things that are pink.  Why not zombies? I think the answer boils down to the misconception that zombies are not appropriate subject matter for kids.  The critics claim that mindless creature whose sole purpose is to feed on the flesh, and sometimes brains, of humans does not make for a warm and fuzzy pre-bedtime read.

Good point but look at the local Halloween isle and see vampires, mummies and werewolves.  Why haven’t zombies crossed over into the mainstream of spook?  I think the time is right and “My First Book of Zombies” is the perfect entry point for kids of any age but targeted for 0 to 6.  The story is told through the eyes and words of a 5 year-old girl and her little sister.  It focuses on practical details and information about zombies and life alongside zombies.  Forget kill or be killed and exchange it for two little girls learning how to coexist and assist zombies.  That zombie looks dirty and smells stinky.  Let’s give him a bath.

The story is short, simple and served with a solid amount of tongue-in-cheek references that parents appreciate and kids find funny.  Finally, parents can escape answering questions about fire trucks and begin pontificating on the pros and cons of life with zombies.  A winner for bedtime or anytime. “My First Book of Zombies” is complete and I am searching for willing publishers to make zombies a mainstay in the mainstream.


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